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    Participant and non participant observation.

Knowledge of your clients =
Better results.

Throughout our different qualitative studies and techniques, you get to know all the information needed for product or concept development.

Life styles

Identify how different life styles affect the adoption and use of new products and services.

Political evaluation

Evaluate the different political issues to be used in campaigns as well as their positioning.

Organizational climate

Evaluate how the internal atmosphere affects employees and their performance, and the way it affects the organization.

Semiotic analysis

Evaluate the way in which meaning is produced by the structures of interdependent signs; codes and conventions.

Advertising studies

Measure the efficiency of your advertising investment, the penetration and positioning of your communications with your market.

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New product evaluation

Your target market evaluates prototypes or finished products in order to specifically determine the key elements to reinforce or modify to increase the possibility of success.

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Backroom Management

Workshops conducted to obtain marketing information in parallel to your focus groups.


Direct presence of a specialist in the action context to obtain behavioral and anthropological information of the consumer in site.

Copy Tests

Evaluate your communication ads or ideas previously, and make better and precise investments.


Emphasis in strategic thought of a market situation diagnosis.


Creative workshop using methodologies that promote the spontaneous consumers potential to give new ideas.

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