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Although you may surely never have heard of our company regarding voting or public opinion studies, we have been actively participating in them for the last decade.



This history and time series of results are really unique in our country, and have become a standard for many kind of questions, scales management and result presentation in the broadest kind of social, economic and political topics.

We have covered 5 of the 6 year terms of President Salinas, the whole 6 years of President Zedillo and the Presidency of Vicente Fox. Actually, we were one of the only 4 companies within our country that were able to anticipate his success as President in the last election.*


And why could this be important for you and your company? Basically it is a factual way to demonstrate our company's standards and possibility of conducting national studies with tight time schedules and quality standards.

So if you need this kind of social, political or economic studies, you can also think of us.

*The study conducted by Banamex-Factum results of the last election campaign were the following: Fox-PAN 43%, Labastida-PRI 39% and Cárdenas-PRD / coalition 19%. The final official results were 43, 37 and 17 respectively. We thank Banamex for permitting us to make them public for our clients.

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