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Advertising studies

The efficient communication of our product and services characteristics and competitive advantages is a key issue for their success:

  • It is the vehicle by which we generate and maintain our image and market positioning.
  • It is the way by which we generate a brand awareness and recall.



  • It is the means to motivate purchase and repurchase, leading to an ideal brand loyalty.
  • It is the base to improve our market penetration and market share.

To be able to fulfill the above, it is a must to evaluate the level of penetration, recall, motivation and impact generated by our communication efforts in different moments in time:

  • To really construct the kind of impact and desired positioning that could result in an adequate brand value.
  • To be able to modify it or adequate it on time, in order to generate a better recall and persuasion.
  • To overcome or diminish the constant efforts of our competitors.

These studies are oriented towards the clear definition of the main elements of image and brand positioning, the way in which they are included in advertising or communication efforts and the impact they are having in our objective markets.

Ideally, the starting point will be an image and positioning study that could serve as a benchmark, specifying at the same time the values associated at that moment with our brand, products and / or services.

The results of this study should signal those aspects in need of change or reinforcement in future efforts, in order to deliver the adequate message.

Once these results have been understood and incorporated to the advertising strategies and to the new campaigns, and before making important investments and further efforts, a pre-test is conducted to reinsure that the new objectives have being attained with the desired impact in our target markets.

Finally, continual evaluations or tracking are conducted to quantitatively monitor the clear fulfillment of the objectives, make the necessary comparisons with our main competitors to prevent future needs and evaluate the cost / benefit of our efforts and investments.

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