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In a market context that gets more competitive and sophisticated by the moment, oriented towards specialization and market niches, it is strategically fundamental to be able to plan the target audience that we could most efficiently serve, as well as to establish our main competitive advantages.

Normally, this is a process that includes three basic steps.




In order to correctly segment a market, a comprehensive understanding is a most:

  • What are the main aspects that a market is demanding, which the unfulfilled needs or which the changes to come?
  • Which are the main players / competitors within n a specific market and which their main offerings / differences / values?
  • Which is the image (if any) of our company, its products or services within a specific market?

To be able to respond to these or other basic questions, it would be necessary to conduct or include a U & A factors.

Based on those and other factors, a comprehensive market study should be conducted oriented towards its concrete and correct segmentation, including the variables that mostly differentiate or define each one of them.

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These variables could include geographic, demographic, psychographic or usage aspects.

With this detailed information, a company is able to evaluate in a competitive way the different needs of those markets or segments in order to correctly define which of them is my company willing and better prepared to serve, in a more efficient way than my competitors, and for what particular reasons. In other words, we seek to...

  • Orient my actions and strategies in al the marketing / commercial components, according to the differentiation strategy that my company is best prepared to serve "Targeting".

Finally, differentiation could be understand as the constant effort that a company makes to be perceived in a unique or different way in elements highly valorated by the consumers or specific segments it has decided to serve.

These means to be able to position my company and / or products in those segments, in a way that would clearly differentiate me from others

Those are the main reasons why of these kind of image & positioning studies.

When thinking in these kinds of studies, it is also important to have in mind that the desires and needs of the markets are not an static element, but a very dynamic one. For these reasons, to monitor the three main aspects we have briefly described, are basic for:

  • Determine if our positioning strategies have had the desired effect.
  • Specify the basic changes in the consumers / segments.
  • Apply the correct and necessary adjustment strategies.

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