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Satisfaction with a product or service is based in actual purchasing and or usage experiences through different time periods, that have important impact in loyalty, recommendation & repurchasing.

Many of unsatisfied customers does not complaint direct to the company, but to other potential customers.




Besides, we should remember that it is 5 times more difficult to get a new client than to maintain a current one.

Finally, the foundations of strategic planning state the need to precisely determine where am I standing so that I can establish strategies and goals from there, that are more sustained and that ideally should be monitor over time.

For these reasons, it is key to know what elements are the most important drivers in the purchase or usage of our product – service from the final client point of view, and to evaluate our company in this and other attributes, so as to be able to develop strategic marketing or commercial decisions from there.

Factum Quality Circle has grouped a select number of companies of different sectors, to whom we periodically and systematically conduct customer satisfaction evaluations that are very practical and strategic for them.

Factum Quality Circle

At the end of each year, we recognized with a special prize to the company that has obtained the highest standard, and give diplomas to other prominent ones.

Besides, we have been able to develop a broad data base and parameters so that we can compare to different standards.

Factum has 20 years of experience applying the most advanced and innovative methodologies that allow us to identify opportunity areas in a clear and precise way.

We have also a group of high level special interviewers of professional women specifically trained on rapport, social psychology and interview techniques, with broad experience in this kind of studies.


    Factum Quality Circle includes different studies oriented at first to qualitatively understand, specify and define those topics and elements that the clients consider for deciding which supplier / product would use or purchase, and to have the highest satisfaction level.

    In this first stages, the internal point of view of Directors and main executives is considered for a definition that later on is compared to that of the clients, establishing similarities and dissimilarities and the reasons why.

    The second stage involves a quantitative evaluation with clients, that numerically evaluate the satisfaction and loyalty level towards the supplier, specifying at the same time the main opportunity areas for a company, product or service

    To be able to do that, the importance of each topic and element has to be precisely evaluated to orient and clearly establish priorities.

    These studies normally include a competitive evaluation in order to better understand the market and our company's position, establishing advantages and disadvantages and monitoring this strategic information over time.

    Finally, the studies could also incorporate non-clients evaluation or desertion reasons.

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