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Get to know the tourist who wants to know you.

Factum offers you solid and valuable information about the tourist who wants and can travel with you:

  • Objective studies oriented to evaluate.
  • Main usage and purchase habits of related services.
  • Profile determination of users / who is your end user.
  • Satisfaction level achieved and opportunity areas.
  • Evaluation of communication & advertising -image, offers, promotions.


Opportunity areas that the studies generate.

  • In relation to your main competitors

    Know how does a tourist perceives you compared to your competence.

  • In relation to your clients

    What is their perception of your brand and company.

  • In relation to your strengths and weaknesses

    Find your main opportunity areas and order them by importance so you can make faster and better oriented decisions.

Líneas Aéreas


  • Pre boarding services

    View the famous moments of truth in your business.

  • Flight services

    What are the key influence factors that make a traveler return to your company?

  • Land services

    Discover or reinforce the aggregated values that you may give to your passenger.


  • Reservations and pre-registration

    Receive comfortably your guest even before he arrives to be your host.

  • Ambiance and installations

    Does the client is considering the investments that you do in your hotel?

  • Check-in

    Your guests like the way you receive and treat them?

  • Rooms

    Do they feel like home?

  • External spaces and entertainment

    Do your guest enjoy staying at your hotel, or they would rather prefer to do something else?

  • Check-out

    Do they say see you soon or goodbye?



Transporte terrestre

Land transportation and Car rental

  • Reservations and pre registration

    Does your client really feel unique or part of a multitude?

  • Ambience and alternative units

    The waiting is comfortable and clean or do they use you only because there is no alternative?

  • Comfort

    Do you really cover their needs? Do you even know them?

  • Destinations and alternatives

    Are your company and offerings really unique in the perception of your target or you are only one more?


  • General services

    How do your travelers like to be received and treated?

  • Stores and offerings

    Do they know of any requirements needed before their flights?

  • Transportation services

    Is your airport comfortable and attractive?

  • Parking and waiting rooms

    What does your local community think about your services?



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