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Sharpen your market development with quick and certain information.


In Factum we are part of national and international market and market research associations, which help us keep up dated in new techniques, analysis or different tools that allow us to offer the best to our clients.



We constantly up-date in new technologies that we apply in benefit of our clients, to gather and analyze more adequate information that allow us a more punctual diagnosis of their requirements.

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Factum Brand Equity

In Factum we have a well developed brand equity model, which has help us establish the brand value of some presitigious national and international companies.



A unique and complete market research system specialized in the tourism industry. Oriented to detect main use and habits of tourist by any means of travel and / or lodging. We define and monitor the key performance, satisfaction and loyalty indicators, and detect opportunities to improve service and to establish a better communication strategy.

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It is an innovative methodology that could be adapted to every communication and budget that can combine qualitative and quantitative techniques. It has been proved worldwide and considers international standards in data gathering, analysis and reports with comparative parameters.



Is a specialized information system that provides a complete vision from the macro to the micro levels considering two complementary and essencial points of view: final clients and tenants. it understands their habits, profiles and satisfaction levels, that can result in concrete strategies to generate loyalty and sales increases.


Affective circle

Micro or standard focus groups with targets in their natural environment and with the presence of their pairs, gives a strategic and innovative focus in relation to the adoption or usage of products and services.


SAS Factum

Different services offered from our web site to speed up and facilitate the flow of information of our projetcs with plain confidentiality. you can obtain on line information of field location, progress, or main results among others.


Webcam Services

Distances and physical traveling are not a problem any more. you can presence and participate in training sessions, focus groups or special meetings on line, in all the world.


Factum Benchmark Database

Through time we have gathered and are able to offer comparative parameters for studies such as customer satisfaction, advertising studies, product and concept tests among others.


Factum On-Line

We offer on line interviews and surveys either in mexico or in the world, that include instant feedback of number of people receiving them, opening or answering them.


Factum Social Network

Use of new technologies / social networks for opinion polls and behavioral trends.

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